Etsy UK Captain’s Summit 2016 — Graphic Design

I’ve returned from Etsy’s 3rd UK Captain’s Summit bursting with ideas to help our community work more closely together.  Although we’re quite spread out geographically in the Craft Britannia team we are really good friends who spend a lot of time talking together online.  While getting us all together for a meet-up or a selling event may prove difficult there is no reason why we shouldn’t try and find ways to meet in smaller groups spread out across the UK.

I’d like to see if we can also make team brochures and online supplies swap sales too. Here is a little look at what happened when Etsy Admin and some amazing UK Team Captains and Leaders got together in Cambridge to talk about their teams.

Do you have any ideas for team activities? Please do leave them in the comments as we’d love to hear them.

This month I took part in the 3rd Etsy UK Captain’s Summit in Cambridge with Lottie from SimplyCharlotteB. The Summit was an opportunity to share help and advice on team issues like how the Etsy Made Local Christmas markets went, while catching up with friends and partaking in tea and cake. Lots of tea and […]

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  1. Victoria Sol says:

    Would love to see a swap thing. 🙂

    Bit too tired-brained to think of other stuff right now. 😛

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