Creating a Post & Packaging Workstation

Do you run out of packaging unexpectedly? Ever had to quickly order envelopes after an increase in sales?  Sarah Beever from Sarah Beever Design gave us some tips on how to prepare for these kind of situations.


Sarah created this post & packaging workstation to help her keep track of her postal supplies more easily.  After buying the big letter rack from Ikea for £25 she now keeps everything including scales, stamps, cards and leaflets in it.

Having everything in one place makes reordering much easier.  It also means she can include a card and leaflet in every package that she sends out as her workstation is stocked ready for when the orders come in.

Sarah buys most of her packaging in bulk from ebay.  This includes padded envelopes and large letter boxes as using them help keep the cost of postage down.  Sarah feels that the increase in sales that she experienced last year is partly due to streamlining this process.

Her final comment. “What works for some may not work for others.  After all our buisnesses are so individual which is what makes them special.  If this advice can help one person it is worth while.”

We will be following up this post with some tips on where to buy your parcel size guide and the packaging that will help both you and your customers save money on shipping.

Does anyone else have any tips of being more organised with shipping their orders?


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    Great Suggestions for Online Sellers.

    1. Thanks for the feature on your blog Delores. I will drop by and say hi. 🙂

  2. Great post; my packaging supplies were scattered around 3 rooms until last month, when I re-organised them all together onto one shelf. It feels so much better and is much quicker to package my orders up. I’ve no idea why I didn’t do it earlier – it seems so obvious now!

    1. It was actually your comment in the Chat thread about your post shelf that got the ball rolling for this blog post. It became point number 5 in the Get your shop ready for 2016 thread and Sarah contacted me to share her tips and photo.

      Who said chat was idle?

  3. I keep all my envelopes, labels etc in a drawer and my smallest room in the house is literally a box room full of boxes!

    1. Sounds like your own mini storage warehouse. 🙂 I seem to have filled up all the spare spaces so will really have to declutter to make a workstation of my own.

  4. stupidcats says:

    Great post! My tip is just to always make sure you have envelopes/jiffy bags etc in stock – nothing worse than getting an unexpected order and suddenly realising you have nothing to put it in! x

    1. I agree. Do you reorder them when you reach a certain stock level or as and when you remember?

  5. I feel inspired to set up a workstation like this, mine is a shambles!

    1. My packaging supplies are scattered about, this has definitely inspired me too.

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