How To Write A Good Artist’s Profile

No matter where you go in the online sales world, there will be a specific page for you to fill out. The name of this page varies – “About Me”, “Profile”, or just “Me”. This is a particularly difficult text box to fill for many designers and makers, because we’re not used to talking about ourselves. We can talk about our work at length, but me? What do I say about me? I’m not very interesting!

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Of course you’re interesting! Everyone is. You just have to find a way to convey that in text. There are a few tips that can help you on your way, and I’m going to try to explain a bit about each point.

Tell a Story

You don’t have to start David Copperfield style with “I was born on a Friday”, but it can be interesting to note if you’ve been creative all your life and if you’ve tried out different forms of expressing that creativity. Even if you only include your adult life, tell us about how you came by your form of craft and how it’s developed over the time you’ve been doing it.

Be concise

Having said all of the above, you also need to trim away excess words and information. Don’t go into detail of your early years, just note the important bits and move on. People are interested to hear your story, but they don’t want to trawl through a bunch of waffle. 😉

Your About Me page isn’t actually about you

This is a weird one, contrary to what I’ve been going on about so far, but still an important point. Along the same lines as being concise, remember that you’re writing to an audience. You want the person reading to see why you’re worth listening to, and buying from. You want to show that you know your stuff (in a more-or-less humble way), and you want to instill trust. Don’t make things up, but don’t downplay your achievements either. Make it interesting for others to read.

Use a picture of yourself

Believe it or not, in the handmade and artistic worlds it matters a lot that people can see who made that beautiful item they’re curious about. If they can see that there is a real person behind the words and products, they’re more likely to buy.

Twitter, Instagram and other short profiles

All of the above has been talking about big text boxes where you can write several paragraphs. So what do you do when you have a character limit?

* Be concise
* Include keywords
* Consider using humour

And perhaps the best tip of all: read other people’s About Me pages and profiles. Take inspiration (but don’t copy outright). See what works and what doesn’t, and incorporate it in your own page. Experiment.

Are you happy with your About Me page? Give us a link in the comments and tell us what, if anything, you’d like to improve.

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  1. stupidcats says:

    Another brilliant post, thanks! I really struggle with my abouts, and cringe when I read them. Really must knuckle down and get them all in order. Thanks for the tips! 😸

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