Six Skeins / The Feminine Touch Collaboration

Etsy Teams are useful for many things, and Craft Britannia is no exception. When you join a team, you’ll have access to Etsy colleagues’ knowledge, experience and friendship. Oh, and did I mention it makes it a lot easier to find someone to collaborate with?

Collaborations are great. They’re a way to come up with new products, new ways of promoting your shop, as well as that you get input from someone who’s not in your own head. Great minds may think alike, but it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes to give you a good, honest opinion on what’s being made.

Within our Craft Britannia team we have a collaborative effort happening right now – between Steph of Six Skeins and Sandra of The Feminine Touch.

Knitting kit

“The collaboration between myself and Steph from Perran Yarns was a huge milestone for me. Steph asked me personally if I could re-work my newest knitting pattern design so that it could be knit in one of her hand dyed yarns,” says Sandra.

“As part of the Craft Britannia team Steph had seen my Etsy shop and my knitting grow from strength to strength over the past few years. I had hand knit a variety of shawls and wraps using her yarns so I knew what unique qualities they possessed. I felt honored that she wanted to work along side me, that she trusted me 100% to perfect the pattern so that she can supply it in kit form with her yarn.”

Steph admits she feels there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything she wants. This collaboration has opened new doors: “Hand-dyeing luxurious Perran Yarns is my passion, but unfortunately not yet my full-time role. I work in IT 4 days each week and also prioritise precious time with my family including our two wonderful teenage daughters whilst they are still living at home with us. This means that although I have knitted and crocheted since I was a child, I have very little time to design projects to showcase the array of yarn types and weights that I dye currently. Collaborative working with other established designer-makers such as Sandra from The Feminine Touch on new patterns and kits is a wonderful opportunity to overcome this. ”

She continues, “For me personally it means that new ideas and designs using my yarns can be made available much more quickly to the enthusuastic knitting and crochet public, whilst I can focus on individually hand-dyeing new and current colourways with the designs and seasons in mind. A collaboration also gives a wider scope of design possibility to the patterns and kits, with ideas and suggestions coming from both parties – as the saying goes ‘Two heads are better than one’! The collaboration enables us to produce highly individual kits so the customer gets the best combination of an exclusive design with a hand-dyed luxury yarn in a choice of colourways – or even a custom-dyed colourway if preferred!”

Sandra points out some of the logistics they encountered as well. “It also meant that we had to treat this as a business venture, work out supply and retail costs and what percentage cut of the profits each of us got.”

The two ladies are very excited about this venture, as are the rest of us at Craft Britannia.

“Personally the collaboration provides a win-win situation for both of us, Steph gets yet another pattern to sell alongside her yarn; something that she freely admits she has little time to design herself. As well as selling on Etsy, Steph also sells her yarn in B&M stores at and fairs so this the perfect opportunity for one of my knitting patterns to be seen by more potential customers. The more I delve in to the world of design the more I realise how important it is to get my name and patterns out there in to the general public,” Sandra points out.

“Hopefully this is the start of something great!”

Knitting kit

The kit can be found in Steph’s Etsy shop here:


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    Go you guys! fabulous collaboration! love Lisa at No Ditto

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