CIJ Featured Shop: Six Skeins

Steph from Six Skeins is a lifelong knitter and crocheter, and more recently a self-taught indie yarn-dyer. She loves to kettle-dye and hand-paint vibrant colours and is always amazed by the myriad of shades resulting from mixing them in the dye pot.

Steph has a need for supersoft non-itchy yarns to wear against her own sensitive skin meaning that she chooses only the softest base yarns to dye and use in her items, including cashmere and silk.

Steph’s Etsy shop started as an outlet her knitting and crochet passion – a skill originally passed down from her grandmothers. One knitted, the other crocheted, so she had the best of both worlds!

Steph taught herself to dye yarns when she couldn’t find the colour blends and yarn bases she wanted here in the UK for her own projects. Now she is thrilled to be one of many indie yarn dyers, each with their own slightly different results. Steph’s Perran Yarns are her tribute to living near Perranporth on the beautiful south-west coast of Cornwall, England which is frequently the inspiration for her colourways.

Custom dyeing is becoming a speciality for Steph; she has dyed yarns to match food, fashion photos, and wedding dress fabric!

All animal-based fibres (wool, silk, alpaca, cashmere, etc) in Steph’s shop are dyed with heat using Jacquard dyes and are as colourfast as you can get a hand-dyed yarn, although if regularly exposed to harsh sunlight they will fade the same as any other coloured fabric. Gentle hand-washing and drying (not tumble dryers) is a must as these are premium yarns which you’ll want to last!

The plant-based fibres (bamboo, banana, linen, cotton, tencel) are cold-dyed with Procion MX dyes which always releases some of the colour over time, like denim jeans that fade. Hand-wash these yarns separately in cool water and drip-dry for best results.

Six Skeins

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