CIJ Featured Shop: Wendy’s Glass House

Wendy is the artist and owner of Wendy’s Glass House. This small business was born while Wendy was on maternity leave with her second child.

Wendy spent 5 years working on an American Summer Camp as Wendy Art, the camp director couldn’t believe she was moving once she had graduated to become a Statistician. Wendy did in fact move on to become a Chartered Management Account, and her love of numbers continues to this day, but Wendy’s Glass House gives her the opportunity to explore her creative side.

Wendy’s house is full of pieces of stained and fused glass and when she started to sell her creations, she also started creating her own patterns, making stained and fused glass pieces to her own designs, or to the requests of customers.

Wendy says she loves the properties of glass and the many different things you can create.

Wendy’s Glass House

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