CIJ Featured Shop: The Yarn Owl’s Nest

Alice from The Yarn Owl’s Nest was taught to knit when she was a young girl, her Gran handed down the vital skills. Although taking a break from knitting during her teenage years, Alice picked up the needles again during her first pregnancy. She enjoyed knitting for both her children as they grew older, she met more mothers and children who requested knitted items, as well as knitting for friends and family. After compliments and encouragement from those around her, Alice started her very own knitting business.

Alice has always had a love of owls, especially heir quiet watchfulness, their ability to see through the darkness and their association with Athena (the Greek goddess of Wisdom). Having admitted to always wanting to knit an owl, she’s been too busy knitting other things and hasn’t found the time to do it yet!

Alice is a work from home Mum and the sole breadwinner in her household so as well as being her passion, her business provides her family’s bread and butter (and cake ingredients!). Alice feels extremely blessed to be able to do the work she loves every day, and is grateful to each and every customer for helping her to achieve this.

The Yarn Owl’s Nest

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